You Give Love A Bad Name

I received a message from this guy that stated and these were the only words he said to me, You Give Love a Bad Name.


Usually, I ignore any message that only states stupid rhetoric or simply states, You’re Beautiful. I’ll address the beautiful statement in a different blog.

I’m a writer, so I answered this well-thought out message to find out why the guy said it. So, I messaged back, Why do you say I give love a bad name when you don’t even know me?

He answered back, I’m guessing.

Yeah, that answer made my knees go weak. (rolling my eyes) Guys, if you think using humor is going to get you the girl, it might, but not humor where you’re insulting her.

I messaged back, What makes you guess this?

He didn’t answer back for like 72 hours. And, his ever intelligent response when he does, I don’t know, Bon Jovi.

I ignored his brilliant response.

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