Mr. Right: Does He Exist?

When my ex n I separated I was afraid to date. My self-esteem was low and I felt I was too damaged, who would want me? I felt damaged, because I was sexually abused and it had been a problem in my marriage.

My ex and I fought a lot and he complained about what seemed like everything. There was nothing I could do to make him happy. So, I believed who would want me, because I’m a mess.

Well, I’ve been on my own for 5 years. And, I’ve been dating and chatting with a lot of guys. I’ve discovered I’m not the mess I thought I was. I’ve encountered guys with some pretty f’d up lives.

And, there’s women out there who are seriously cray cray. I’m pretty laid back and fun compared to these women. LOL.

I’ll admit when I was younger I had crazy moments. But, I’m older and I’ve had a lot of me and introspective time, so I’ve mellowed. Also, being on my own, it’s made me more adventurous and brave.

The guys I’ve been meeting has made me wonder if the guy I’m looking for exists. Am I asking too much for the guy to be functional and not have a dysfunctional life? And, for the guy to not be crazy or have a cray cray ex-wife? Am I seeking perfection?

I concluded I’m seeking someone, who has their life together, can fulfill my love language and accept all my flaws with no complaints.

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