Men: The Hunters

Men like a challenge.

Men are hunters.

Women have forgot how to be the bait.


Because we have been taught to suppress our sexuality, to be afraid of our sexuality and to stop living by how we feel.

How do we, women, become the bait that challenges men and tap into their hunter instincts?

Study how Geishas were taught to be the desire of every man. Study the women, who are flirting and surrounded by men. All of us have the allure of a Geisha and be That Girl.

It’s not about how we dress or looking like a runway model. It’s about how we love ourselves and showing it in the way we carry ourselves. If you see a guy you want, look at him, stare and when you get his attention, smile. When he comes over to you, talk to him. Engage him. Flirt. Be yourself and uninhibited.

We, as Americans and as Females, have been conditioned to be shy, demure and hide our sexuality. Let all that go.

Don’t be afraid. Try being Bait.

What do you have to lose? Maybe, finding The One.

Be Brave. Step out of your comfort zone. Be Free. Be That Girl.

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