Manners Please!

I’ve concluded that the online dating sites have made guys lazy and they forgot their manners. I’m not male bashing. This statement comes from what I’ve experienced.

Since, I’m not interacting with the women I can’t really speak about their online behavior. But, I can speculate from what I’ve heard. The women are quick to jump into bed with a guy, lie on their profile, low self-esteem, desperate and their lives are as messed up as some of the guys I’ve chatted and/or met.

There have been a few guys, who don’t get the hint that I’m not INTERESTED when I don’t respond to their message. I think I’m being polite not responding. I could answer and tell them I like a specific type of guy and you’re not that type. And send him pics of the guys that are my type. I know I can get what I like and they need to work on their Self-esteem instead of harassing me.

Would that be Rude? Or is silence and ignoring their message more Rude?

I’ve had plenty of guys not respond to my messages. I don’t go cry in the corner and my self-esteem gets bruised. I just shrug them off and understand I’m not their physical type. And, I know there are plenty of guys out there that go crazy for how I look.

Recently, I received 10 messages from one guy. Yes, I said 10. The guy wasn’t getting it after the first no response I wasn’t interested. He felt the need to keep messaging me. He asked me if I was being shy. His messages escalated to where he was yelling at me for not responding. He felt he deserved a yes or no to his questions about meeting for dinner.

DUDE! I don’t owe any guy and, especially, a guy I don’t even know Anything. And, there is such a thing called Manners! There are plenty of other women out there who will think you are the cats meow. It’s just not me.

His escalated behavior promptly got him blocked and reported for harassment.

Manners are required online, as well as, in person. The guys out there in the cyber dating world, who are rude and disrespectful, take a course in Manners ASAP!

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