Love We Desire

Think about the relationships you’ve been in. Did you get the love you desire in those relationships?

I was listening to David Wygant and he said something that inspired this blog post. He said, We get love we think we deserve instead of the love we desire. 

My marriage was love I thought I deserved, but not what I desired. I was young and didn’t know I was with the wrong man. He wasn’t a bad man. He just wasn’t the man, who gave me the love I desire. For years, I accepted the love he gave me and felt something was missing, unhappy and wanted more. I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did.

But, I understand now he was not fulfilling the love I desire and he wasn’t fulfilling my love language, Affirmation. Now, I know I want someone, who supports me in every way, especially, emotionally. I want someone, who is physically affectionate. I want someone, who makes me feel important, and thinks I’m number one in his life. I want someone, who accepts everything about me. I want someone, who sees my flaws, but only tells me what he thinks is great about me and why he loves me. I want a man, who takes care of me when I’m not feeling well physically or emotionally and not make me feel weak for not being strong at that moment.

Everything, I listed I didn’t get in my marriage, except, my ex-husband accepted everything about me. However, he complained about some of my flaws. As, I write this, I wonder if he really accepted everything since he complained about those flaws.

So, it’s important that we know the love we desire and write it down. If you don’t know the love you desire, this is the time to take a moment to write down what kind of love you want in a relationship. This will lead you to the love you want instead of what you think you deserve.

We should have the love we desire. Life is too short to just be with someone, who loves us, but doesn’t fulfill the love we desire.

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