Guy With Potential or Player?

How does a girl know if a guy is really interested in her while chatting with them on the online dating sites?

Ladies, don’t be fooled by the charm and compliments that some guys write. And, don’t be blinded by the good-looking guy staring back at you in the pics.

Pay Attention!

Hello Beautiful. You’re smile has me mesmerized. You’re so pretty. Blah, Blah, Blah.

If the guy is only giving you compliments about your looks, he probably didn’t even read your profile and only interested in what he SEES.

After exchanging emails for a week, I suggest rereading the messages. Did the guy try to get to know you at all? Or was it just surface chit chat? A guy, who is really interested in you is going to try to get to know you. If a guy only wants sex, he’s not going to ask anything about you to learn who you are and see if the two of you click.

Now, that said, BEWARE! There are some slick players out there. They will charm you and ask questions making it look like they want to get to know you.

How do you out play the Playa? Make the guy work! Don’t be so quick to spend time with him. Don’t jump into bed with him right away. Don’t focus all your attention on him even if you do really like the guy and think he’s So HOT. The guys, who only wants a booty call, they will not stick around long when you are not an easy girl to catch.

There’s a lot of frogs and trash on these online dating sites. The knowledge I’ve shared can be applied to guys met not on the online dating sites. Be patient finding the One. Know what kind of guy you want to spend happily forever after with. Be confident! Know your Worth!


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