Frogs: There’s So Many

I’m starting to believe a Gentleman is becoming extinct like the dinosaurs.

It’s been frog after frog that I’ve met. Luckily, I haven’t kissed any of them. My gynecologist warned me that there would be many frog encounters in the dating world. I just didn’t know there were so many.

These guys don’t open doors or ask how my day was or make the effort to court me. Their attention span of getting to know me is shorter than my height.

I mean really guys how do you expect to find a partner in crime or your soulmate or the one to be your best friend when ya lack the effort and the charm to get to know a woman?

Am I expecting too much from a man? Am I old-fashioned? Do I want too much? My answer is NO!

Settling is not an option. I’d rather be alone than put up with being treated like I’m not important to my man. I’m happy doing the things I enjoy and living my life for me. A man should add to my life not make it miserable.

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