Dating: Surviving Round One

I’ve been away for a bit. Why?

Frustrated with this whole Dating thang. And, repeatedly, I was meeting unpotential guy after unpotentional guy. Since, my luck with love was not looking lucky, I closed all my online dating accounts and took a break from going on dates.

Now, I’m back and giving dating another go around. But, this time I’m going to try to meet guys the old-fashioned way, in person. And, I’m on OK Cupid, because it was the only site where I wasn’t meeting crazy guy after crazy guy. Also, I’m on eHarmony until February 2018, because at the time I subscribed I didn’t realize I was paying for three years. LOL.

Depite, what the commercials advertise, online dating is not the BEST place to find the One. The entire time I’ve been on eHarmony I’ve only met a handful of guys. NONE of them were my type. And, well, I’m still Single. was a joke. The one guy I went on a date with from this site was just interested in booty. The other guys I talked to were not even worth meeting.

Tinder is all about the hook-up guys. Ladies, if you are looking for a husband stay away from Tinder. 99% of the guys on this site are just interested in sex and nothing else. And, there are several on there who will talk a good game and the naive will not catch that these guys are just playing you to get into bed with you.

Zoosk guys are a lot like Tinder, but there are some looking for a relationship. However, there’s a lot of weeding through the garbage to find that Prince among many horny Toads.

Despite, my first go around with dating being not so great and that the majority of guys on the online dating sites are mediocre. I’m putting on my knee high boots to wade through the shit and, hopefully, end this dating venture by finding my King.

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