I have had several guys message me saying they can’t believe I’m single, because I’m so pretty. Or, they will say, You are so Beautiful or Hi Gorgeous or You are by far the most beautiful woman on this site. And, the majority of the guys message me, because they want a beautiful woman to have fun with. How do I know this? Because, they don’t bother to get to know who I am.

What I’m about to say may make me sound arrogant, but I’m confident about who I am that I know I’m not a shallow person. I know I’m beautiful. I know some guys see my face and my body and I have them wrapped around my finger.

But, I never relied on my physical appearance. I never let my beauty or the attention I got because of it make me a vacant soul. Women and men, who are not kind, not generous or not concerned about others, I have no respect for them. I wouldn’t care how good-looking a guy was if his soul was cruel and ugly.

From my experience in the dating world, I am understanding the misconceptions some people have of beauty. I know there are beautiful people, who have no personality, unintelligent, and selfish. And, I feel guys assume this about me based on the fact that I’m pretty. I had one guy say to me, My brother warned me pretty girls are trouble.

Those guys that let my physical appearance get in the way of really getting to know me, I say, You’re loss. Because my soul is the beautiful part of me.

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